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Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] is something that is very much a part of business life today.

Our way of proactive participation is through sponsorship. The I&MI Media Charity Golf Classic is now a permanent part of the International Congress & Convention Association's [ICCA] Annual Convention, held in a different country in the world each year. Gravity seemed to take us to supporting organizations that help children in need - and what could be better than that! This year the scope is expanded to include adults as well. Here is the history of our activities:

October 2011 Leipzig, Germany

The Chilfren's Hospital
Total Donation: 6,000 Euro

This year, the donation supported the Hospital for Children and Adolescents of the University of Leipzig. The hospital is now one of the leading pediatric facilities and one of the largest University Children's hospitals in Germany with more than 8,000 in-patients treatments and more than 50,000 out-patients visits per year. Much help is needed in the area of psychosocial services, support of patient and family support facilities and also in the area of research in metabolic and endocrine sciences.

Additionally, the donation supported the new mobility concept. As usual, the congress participants were transferred from and to the airport. But once in the city, their ICCA badge gave them free rides on all public means of transport. This means that the usual shuttle buses were only seen on a few selected occasions. For all other activities, like getting from the hotel to the venue, or exploring the city, everyone could use public means of transport for free. This is a step towards reducing emissions and more sustainability. So in 2011, we supported not only a charity but also sustainability!

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October 2010 Hyderabad, India

Nireekshana ACET
Total Donation: 4,900 Euro

All proceeds raised by the golf tournament and the cooking class have been donated to Nireekshana ACET (Aids Care, Education & Treatment). Nireekshana ACET is a not-for-profit, community based, non-government organization (NGO) dedicated to the compassionate and holistic care and support of people with HIV/AIDS. Nireekshana's work is based both in the medical clinic and in community outreach in Hyderabad and surrounding districts. Its key work focus is on:

  • Providing free medical treatment and care to poor and HIV-infected individuals.
  • Providing nutritional and education support for families of HIV-infected individuals.
  • Clinical research into HIV/AIDS.
  • HIV/AIDS prevention & education activities including training workshops for professional groups, presentations in schools, colleges and churches and at international conferences.

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November 2009 Florence, Italy

Foundation of the Florence Children's Hospital Meyer
Total Donation: 6,300 Euro
I&MI Media Charity Walking City Tour
Because Ferrari had booked up both Florence golf courses for a client event, we switched our event to a walking tour which was easy to do in this beautiful city. The Meyer Pediatric Hospital is a wonderful local hospital which not only looks after some of the most critically ill children in Italy, but which also provides valuable charitable services to bring in and care for children from some of the most deprived and impoverished countries around the world. The direct recipient of the donations was the Meyer Foundation, which was set up in 2000 with the purpose of providing funding for a wide variety of hospital activities, including scientific research programs, the purchase of advanced technical equipment, environmental improvements, and innovative programmes that have made the Meyer Paediatric Hospital famous around the medical world.

The Meyer is the most climate friendly hospital in Italy, with innovative technology making the most of natural light and minimizing carbon impacts. There are special play areas with bright furniture and decorations; family members are encouraged to be present as much as possible; everything is done to make the children feel positive and happy, with laughter and play in the most relaxed atmosphere possible. When you’re in the Meyer it’s difficult to imagine that this is also one of the world’s leading pediatric surgery and research centers.

November 2008 Victoria, BC Canada

Variety- The Children's Charity
Total Donation: 16,000 CAD
I&MI Media Charity Walking City Tour
Variety the Children's Charity is dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and well-being of children around the world. Through their network of 43 Tents (or Chapters) in 13 countries, Variety reaches into communities across the globe to offer financial assistance and services to children and organizations that serve children with special needs. Jeneece Edroff, a then 12 year old, deals with neurofibromatosis on a daily basis. 6 years prior she challenged herself and others to extraordinary heights. She is known as the Penny Girl for the annual penny drive to help Variety for which she has raised over CAD 1.2 million over that time. Turning adversity into inspiration seems like an ordinary occurrence for this remarkable human being and we were honored to be helping her reach yet another milestone.

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October 2007 Pattaya, Thailand

I&MI Media Charity Walking City TourOrphanage Baan Jing Jai
Total Donation: 5,500 Euro
At the time of the conference 48 children were living in the orphanage with ages ranging from three to nineteen years. The children came from all over Thailand and from various backgrounds. Some are orphans and some have a parent or parents unable to look after them because they are in prison or have illnesses such as HIV/Aids or they have simply been abandoned .The donation contributed towards beds, lockers and an entertainment system for the children. The remaining amount was put towards a minibus.

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